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Your brain essentially cares about one thing - does it feel safe doing that? If the answer is no then it will either restrict your range of motion or limit the strength that it allows you to use at that time.

North East Functional Health adopt a neurological approach to looking at how efficiently you are working. Pain, absent tissue damage, is typically due to either inefficient movement patters or guarding mechanisms that you adopt due to old injuries.

For example if you injure you shoulder short term you avoid using it so as to avoid pain and to allow it to recover. Longer term you do not always go back to using it before the injury as the brain can want to still protect it and treat it as though it were still injured. This is why you see people walking around limping, or with one shoulder elevated even though they are not currently injured.

These compensations are great short term but long term that they can cause aggravation and pain. They can also limit performance if the brain does not feel safe in performing a certain movement or as Paul McIlroy says "strength is not built, it is granted by the nervous system".

So if you have had pain for longer than 3 or 4 months or had lots of treatment and haven't gotten any better than maybe our unique approach can help you.

To book a free consultation then go to our online diary and do so now. We are only able to work with people's physical aches and pains in person in clinic in Newcastle.

We work with people with all sorts of musculo-skeletal pain whether it be neck pain or hand pain and everything in between. As well as treating the cause for your pain we are able to bombproof you against further injuries and help you break through performance plateau's by identifying triggers that keep aches and pains recurring. Additionally we specialise in working with vertigo, dizziness and balance disorders to get you feeling safe on your feet again.

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