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Finally got round to making a series of videos all to do with how I work and why this differs from a traditional approach such as Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, or massage. These videos have been made on topics that I find myself consistently talking to clients and it's information that I believe should be widely available. It is my belief that the large majority of clinicians are missing something very important from their assessments - that is WHY is this persons body behaving in the way that it is to create pain. I hope you find them interesting and potentially useful.

Introduction as to why the approach at North East Functional Health is a little different to typical approaches.

We are very interested in previous injury history when we start working with someone as we will often find that these areas cause lots of compensations that can go on to cause pain.

How is it that these sensitivities / dysfunctions that we treat get stuck in your system to go on to cause problems?

We all understand acute, short term pain but what is it or why is it that sometimes pain becomes chronic?

Triggers are things that even if someone is treating the cause of your pain will keep the pain coming back and so these also need to be treated which is something that we specialise in.

Muscles do what they are told by the nervous system. They are bottom of the food chain. Seeing a therapist / clinician that is just treating your muscles? If so it is unlikely that they are treating the cause of your

Scars can have a neurological impact as well as an impact on the connective tissue surrounding them. If you have pains and have had surgery and the clinician has not addressed this then it could be what's holding you back.

In my opinion lots of people waste their time stretching for little or no reward. Here is the reason why.

26 bones and 33 joints in each of your feet so no kidding they can have a large impact on everything else. Are yours?

Bit of a rant in this one to do with the fallacy of someone being "injury prone" or "more susceptible to injury". Nonsense. Someone is just missing something.

Everyone normalises what they experience so that it is easier to deal with. Let me tell you it is not normal for anyone's back to "go" once a year and for that person to have to lie on the floor for 2 days waiting for it to ease. Find someone who can treat the cause of the problem like us.

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